Digitization project of the architect Ubaldo Iranzo Eiras Photographs, together with the Domench Estepà / Domenech Massana images colection and some pictures of Antoni Esplugas Puig. It carried out in the Image Quality Lab of Center of Image and Multimedia Technology. In this collection were more than 500 pictures digitized with a DSLR camera and macro lenses. This is just a little sample.

“Llotja”. Palma.
“Llotja” main facade. Palma.
Palma Townhall facade. Palma.
Sant Francesc convent cloister. Palma.
“Llotja” main portal. Palma.
“Llotja” roof. Palma.
“Llotja” lateral. Palma
“La Seu”. Palma.
“Gran hotel”. Palma.

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